A downloadable Ultima-like for Windows and macOS

Third day on the road. Carrying a letter to deliver to Sampson Mills.

Passing through Reeds Crossing as the sun sets. What could go wrong?

An Ultima-like for the #MysticWestern game jam.
By Waves All Day @wavesallday_
Made in Unity. Audio by Jef Drawbaugh. Everything else by Randy Smith.

~ ~ ~ ~

~ UPDATED VERSION HERE: http://bit.ly/29b8yQk

Please rate the official itch.io version only! That's the one I submitted to the jam before the deadline.

However, the update is an improved version for non-judging purposes:
- bug fixes and improved stability, particularly after a reset
- some playability and design tuning
- couple new features
- still low on art

Waves All Day

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